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  • Spend Father’s Day Outside

    What do father's want this fathers day? To be outside with their kids. According to Casio America's Smart Outdoor Device Survey for Father's, the watch manufacturer found that fathers do not spend as much time as they would like outdoors with their kids. The survey polled fathers in the United States, Japan and Germany.

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  • Just Keep Moving - Nathalie Long

    At 32, Nathalie Long has competed in more world-class adventure and endurance events than many athletes can claim over their entire career, with more than her age worth of firsts to her name. Despite pain, the seduction of quitting, bills, life and work responsibilities, she’s not slowing down.

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  • Space, National Parks and Racing

    So, national park week might be over, but it’s not too late to enjoy the beauty of a few of our favourite US National Parks from space, courtesy of NASA Goddard. The images were captured by the Landsat program, which offers the longest continuous global record of the Earth’s surface.

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  • 2017 AR World Champs Hit US Soil

    For the first time in the Adventure Racing World Series history, the World Championship race will be held on US Soil, in the cowboy state of Wyoming. The 2017 Cameco Cowboy Tough expedition race, organized by Rev3 Adventure, will be the host race for the championship event.

  • De-Gnarification of the North Shore

    Rocky Mountain and Wade Simmons have uncovered a problem with the North Shore – a problem that affects all downhill riders. The solution: up the ante. Rocky Mountain has certainly done that with the release of their new bike, Pipeline. 

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  • Skinning: 7 Reasons for Going Up

    Much of the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing a much needed snow-sports revival this year - with amazing conditions across the Rockies, deep powder in the Pacific Northwest, and epic...well just plain epic in Japan.

    Jason Magness
  • Pair to SUP the Danube

    Armed with laughter and a desire to explore, excited about stepping outside of their comfort zones, Kate Davis and Andy Bartlett will be attempting to be the first people to paddle the entire length of the Danube, from source to sea, on a SUP. 

  • Why the Long Race?



    It’s about 2 a.m. and I’m stumbling down the trail like a walker from The Walking Dead. My thoughts go to my bed, where I should be, fast asleep, warm and snuggled up to my husband. Maybe one of the kids has had a nightmare and is snuggled in too. How the f%@* am I supposed to ride 65 kilometres after this leg?


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