Stoke for the Advendurist

  • Where there's Smoke there's... Snow?

    With one of the largest fires in California's history still smouldering less than 10 miles south of the race course, some thought smoke would be an issue for competitors at this year's Gold Rush Mother Lode expedition race. It turns out it was quite the opposite.

  • Adventure, Love and the Birth of a New Event in Bhutan

    In 2000, while racing the Raid Gauloises Expedition Competition in Tibet and Nepal I could never have guessed that my curiosity with that unique area of the planet would morph into a grand adventure, love, then the birth of a brand new event in a tiny, novel country.

    Terri Schneider
  • August Monthly Wrap Up: Screamer; Leadman?!; Sherpa speaks; and new records

    Screaming is primal. For whatever reason some people feel the need to make contact with their primal self every now and then. What else is primal?  Running and biking your brains out for 6 days. 

  • Macy Sets Record in Leadman

    After 282.3 miles of trail running and mountain biking around America's highest incorporated city, Leadville, Colorado, this summer, elite ultra endurance athlete Travis Macy stood atop the podium as Leadman winner...

  • Taking the Plunge: Transrockies Run

    I've been hearing about the Trans Rockies Run for years as my husband Ross has raced it 4 times.  It's been one of my top 10 goals for two years.  So after missing the 2012 race to have knee surgery I finally took the plunge and teamed up with Ross this August for the experience of a lifetime.

    Sarah McMahan
  • AR Worlds - A Race Against Countries

    To the World Series Race Directors, Thank you for your time, passion and energy that you are investing and giving to the sport of adventure racing. As most of you know...

  • Shoulder Injuries - What the Pros Have to Say

    Navigating the Bumpy Road to Recovery. The TransRockies Run began a few days ago. I was supposed to be there. The hut-to-hut mountain biking trip we've been planning for months is coming up fast. With 140 miles of riding...

  • PHOTO STORY: Donato and Turbo...  Wet Furry Love

    Simon Donato and Turbo ,of the TV series Boundless, were in Toronto yesterday with friend Nick Falbo, not on their typical mission of perseverance through some nutty test of endurance, this time is was a nutty test of endurance with our four legged friends in mind. The team was attempting a 50 kilometre paddle from Niagara on the Lake to the Toronto harbour.


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