Stoke for the Advendurist

  • Communities Help Re-Route a Water-Logged Epic

    Saturday marks the beginning of the 12th edition of North America's original mountain bike stage race, the TransRockies Challenge. Although southern Alberta is still recovering from the flooding in June, the damages will not hold back this storied event as communities have graciously accepted reroute plans to make the epic event a possibility.

  • Killian and Emelie - Ice Trail king and queen

    The Ice-Trail Tarentaise, third race in the SWS Ultra Series, lived up to its name and delivered enough snow and ice to challenge even the most accomplished skyrunners in Val d'Isère, France, Sunday.  World champions and ranking leaders Kilian Jornet and Emelie Forsberg take the crown...and the course records.

    Laurie Van Houten
  • Hat Trick for Chrigel



    "He's just the most amazing athlete in the world. He makes no mistakes — that's his secret," says an elated Hannes Arch, mastermind for the Red Bull X-Alps.

  • Battle in the Alps for Second

    There is a fight going on in the Alps right now for second place and it does not include that on two wheels. After the fourth day spent hiking and flying through the Alps, Red Bull X-Alps athletes have covered nearly 400 km of the 1,031 km course.  

  • Worried About Completing All Four, Sample First

    The growing Salomon 4 Trails sees trail runners challenge themselves during the day while relaxing overnight in the Austrian communities of Ehrwald, Imst and Landeck. But you needn't do all trails.

  • World's Toughest Adventure Race Begins Tomorrow

    Tomorrow marks the start of the 2013 Red Bull X-Alps, A 1,000 km alpine adventure race from Salzburg to Monaco. Will the unstoppable Swiss Christian Mauer make it three in a row?

    Breathe Magazine
  • RCMP Divided, Conquered

    "It looked like war out there." Conner Curson was paddling his arms off against the incoming tide. To an observer on shore, it looked like he was not making any headway. Toby was giving chase, making ground on Curson. Little did he know Toby was racing unranked.

  • Shane Perrin: Stand Up Guy - Iron Athlete

    In the dark of the Florida Everglades stood a little boy.  It was 4 a.m.  He should have been tucked away soundly in bed. Yet there he was, perched on the front of the narrow vessel as it gently carved a path through the moonlit surface of the Wilderness Waterway.


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