Stoke for the Advendurist

  • Worried About Completing All Four, Sample First

    The growing Salomon 4 Trails sees trail runners challenge themselves during the day while relaxing overnight in the Austrian communities of Ehrwald, Imst and Landeck. But you needn't do all trails.

  • World's Toughest Adventure Race Begins Tomorrow

    Tomorrow marks the start of the 2013 Red Bull X-Alps, A 1,000 km alpine adventure race from Salzburg to Monaco. Will the unstoppable Swiss Christian Mauer make it three in a row?

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  • RCMP Divided, Conquered

    "It looked like war out there." Conner Curson was paddling his arms off against the incoming tide. To an observer on shore, it looked like he was not making any headway. Toby was giving chase, making ground on Curson. Little did he know Toby was racing unranked.

  • Shane Perrin: Stand Up Guy - Iron Athlete

    In the dark of the Florida Everglades stood a little boy.  It was 4 a.m.  He should have been tucked away soundly in bed. Yet there he was, perched on the front of the narrow vessel as it gently carved a path through the moonlit surface of the Wilderness Waterway.

  • Divide and Conquer!



    The Red Bull Divide and Conquer takes Vancouver's North Shore by storm today, for the second year in a row.

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  • Vicious Chop, Ungodly Currents

    Frigophobia, kymophobia, bathophobia. Just looking at these terms can make a person’s blood pressure rise. Their meanings, in respective order: fear of cold or cold things, fear of waves, fear of depths.

  • Monthly Wrap Up: Backends, Shirts, Queens and Altitude

    A podium girl's backend; Anton needs a shirt, Queen of Pain and High Altitude Drama.

  • Trading in Two Wheels for Four

    Remember that feeling of being a kid when you could turn most everything into an adventure: climbing trees, riding bikes, building forts? Youthful imagination has no boundaries. For most of us, somewhere between The Sandlot years and high school, these adventures fade.


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