Stoke for the Advendurist

  • Barbed Wire and the Fine Skill of Portaging

    Within the first few kilometres the Adventure Racing (AR) dominating squad from California, team Tecnu, missed a crucial trail opening. Just under 30 minutes into what is a 24 hours race and things were not looking up for the americans, especially when a team like Pentathlon des Neiges and the navigational prowess of Benoit Letourneau, a two-time winner of the Wilderness Traverse, were not far behind.

  • Bikepacking in Colorado

    The Colorado Trail Race has been a dream of mine ever since I began following it a few years ago. Started only 6 years ago, this self-supported race (no aid stations, no outside help allowed) has grown from a handful of people that first year to more than 80 riders this year.

    Aaron Johnson
  • La Ultra – The High; the running race that blows my mind.

    Seriously?! That's what I thought when I read about La Ultra –The High running race. I went straight to the course details to search for a catch, but there was none to be found. This is the real deal: A running race in the Himalayas, 10,000 feet above where the ocean meets the sea, covering 222 km (138 miles). And yes, people actually race this solo and finish alive, though they may not be much for words or pretty-up'd for a photo shot. This race takes it toll.

  • Joyous Time for Bicycling

    August is turning out to be a joyous time for bicycling, adding a new festival to the jam packed month. The Steamboat Springs Bike Week, presented by Bike Town USA® will be taking place in Steamboat Spring, CO, of course.

  • Stage 6 of a Water-Logged Epic

    In a bittersweet goodbye riders shuttled from Blairmore for Kananaskis Country to compete in what should have been a 48k ride through singletrack heaven. But mother nature had other plans. Throughout the night the clouds rolled in and added some more water to the already water logged trails.

  • MWU: Cowboy Up, Meh on the Tour, and Kilian Strikes Again

    July...yes it was hot. For some quite lucrative... for others quite painful. This is the Monthly Wrap: Tecnu took the Rev 3 Cowboy Tough Adventure Race, the tour had a muted feel, Kilian breaks yet another record, and carbon and bone hit the pavement.  

  • Fernie Bids Adieu with Moose and Rain

    As a Moose and her injured calf occupied the Project 9 trail for the TransRockies Challenge, organizers scrambled to re-route riders. But a delayed start was not going to dull the conclusion for the three day competitors or stem the flow for the seven day crew. Riders were finishing up with Fernie, but Fernie was not yet finished with them.

  • Advendurism is a novel idea, however twisting adventure and endurance challenges into your already complicated life can be a giant of sorts if you already feel overwhelmed with your current responsibilities. Popular media doesn't help much either. Stunningly geared-up people climbing the highest mountains, training everyday to be in top physical shape, athletes featured all over the world in the most picturesque places... It's all well and fine, and incredibly inspiring, but the question of "how" is never really answered for that person, couple or family trying to pay the bills and achieve a life more adventurous.



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