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  • Divide and Conquer!



    The Red Bull Divide and Conquer takes Vancouver's North Shore by storm today, for the second year in a row.

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  • Vicious Chop, Ungodly Currents

    Frigophobia, kymophobia, bathophobia. Just looking at these terms can make a person’s blood pressure rise. Their meanings, in respective order: fear of cold or cold things, fear of waves, fear of depths.

  • Monthly Wrap Up: Backends, Shirts, Queens and Altitude

    A podium girl's backend; Anton needs a shirt, Queen of Pain and High Altitude Drama.

  • Trading in Two Wheels for Four

    Remember that feeling of being a kid when you could turn most everything into an adventure: climbing trees, riding bikes, building forts? Youthful imagination has no boundaries. For most of us, somewhere between The Sandlot years and high school, these adventures fade.

  • A Glimpse Down the Line

    Wet, slippery climbing rope, cold glacial melts, tight spaces and anything but traditional anchor points – not the typical alpine descent, but for a few in Squamish, BC its the only way to spend a weekend.

  • 277k Cool-Down in Upper Mustang

    After running 319 kilometres and finishing in a steady rain, Lizzy Hawker (Great Britain) broke her own record, running from Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu (Everest Mailrun) in 63 hours and 8 minutes. Her cool down run; an eight stage, 277 kilometre trail race around the Mustang Region in Nepal.

  • The Smiley's and the Committed Project

    Maybe you share a dream of mine: Ditch it all, buy a sprinter van, and go adventuring. One couple, Janelle and Mark Smiley, have done just that and then some.

  • Expedition Africa: Lions, Hippos and Team Tecnu

    Expedition Africa: Lions, Hippos and Team Tecnu. Starts May 3rd. The final count down to Expedition Africa has begun. In only a couple weeks, teams will be making their way through 500km of African terrain in six days or less via the normal AR disciplines: biking, trekking, kayaking (both flat and white water), ropes and bushwhacking (they don’t actually list this one, but we all know it is par for the course).


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