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  • ÖTILLÖ Crowns Canadian

    Strong wind, turbulent water and a hard fought competition during the 75 km long race, revealed why ÖTILLÖ is recognized to be one of the toughest one-day races in the world.

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  • 75 Wet Kilometers on a Bet

    This is what happens when two brothers and two friends make a bet in a bar. For two years the group challenged each other to get from the island of Utö to the island of Sandhamn, a very long distance away in the Stockholm archipelago.

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  • If the Name Wasn’t Enough...

    The 7th edition of the Swiss non-stop ultra-cycling race, Tortour, presented by IWC, was definitely more of a torture than expected. After a prologue with temperatures around 30°C the weather started to turn for the worse on the 1'000km and 12'500 metres in altitude course, bringing in single-digit temperatures and pouring rain.

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  • Take A Call - Through Your Bike Helmet

    My boyfriend does a lot of training by himself.  As he leaves our place to bike down the narrow, winding country road that leads to the highway, I sometimes reflect on the ideal piece of bike gear that would magically know if he got in trouble and let me (or possibly more useful, an ambulance) come to his aid immediately.  And now someone has gone and invented it! 

  • Cancelled... Now What??

    Josh Arthur is sitting at the airport when he gets the email: ‘The Angels Staircase 35/60k in Carleton WA has been cancelled’, (for the 2nd year in a row) due to wildfires. One of the races in the US Skyrunning series, of which, Josh is leading in points; it was an important race for him...

  • What it Takes to Win Red Bull X-Alps

    Anyone who has followed the last few Red Bull X-Alps will tell you the Christian Maurer is a flying machine. But winning an X-Alps isn’t just being in possession of a big set of cojones (male or female, no discrimination - I mean chutzpah), a keen sense of direction (physically and mentally), and an iron will.

  • Now You Can Climb the Eiger (and a number of other peaks)

    Although you might never climb one of these giants in the physical sense, now it's possible to see first hand what it's like scale the famous routes of the Eiger, Matterhorn, and many more.

  • Enduring Tropics on Tap for Adventure Racers

    On the 5th of August, 36 teams will depart on a 700km journey through the Queensland Tropics, an area of Australia that has never before been visited by XPD. Although the expedition format race will push competitors to their physical and mental limits, they will take, at least, some comfort in the fact that the beauty of the area will offset some of the pain of racing for 9 days.


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