Stoke for the Advendurist

  • Training with Kids



    The boys and I are squeezing in a  four minute Tabata training session (well, I am, they are my "drill sergeants"). My husband is away, and we have 20 minutes before we have to leave for soccer practice. I've been at work all day.  And I am in training. My training schedule requires creativity, as does anyones, but especially those who work "normal" hours while parenting...

  • Earning Every Penny - Trapping in NZ

    I was truly happy to have the work. By the time our extended vacation to New Zealand turned to a permanent move, my family's savings was running a bit low. We were getting pretty close to the time where money-in needed to equal money-out and I'd have taken almost any job that paid me. The fact that this one came with a helicopter commute

  • 450 Kilometres in Swaziland

    In little over a week, 24 teams will set off from the startof Africa's toughest multi-discipline event, the 450-kilometre Expedition Africa adventure race. Hosted in the Kingdom of Swaziland, Expedition Africa will challenge the fitness, skills, mental strength, endurance and navigation of all participants.

    Lisa de Speville
  • World's Toughest Adventure Race Gets Tougher

    It's not enough that athletes must travel through six countries, 10 turnpoints, and 1,038 kilometres, all over one of the world's most difficult to navigate mountain ranges, for the first time in the Red Bull X-Alps history, they are introducing a Prologue.

  • Beyond Spec



    We like to define things, to give them purpose. Chairs are for sitting in, not standing on (you might fall off). Steak knives are for, well, cutting steak... not cutting kindling. In terms of outdoor gear this same principle holds true, but with the added element that the higher the price tag of the item the narrower it's purported scope of usefulness.

  • Storm Rips Through Tweed

    One, two, three.....four! They're together....another team of four women! I thought we had moved quickly through the opening trek portion, but not fast enough. "Go, go...go" I yip at my team. Race is on.

  • Oakley Takes it to the Track

    Horizontal and riding a fixie on a 42 degree angled wooden track, desperately trying to avoid looking like a swerving, oddly shaped bag of spandex, is not how I imagined trying out Oakley's new sunglasses. Usually company's just email a notice and then send product to test on our local trails. But that's not Oakley's style (#liveyours).

  • The Unexpected Visitor Test

    There are lots of metrics of happiness out there. Some are pretty academic--Harvard Medical School or well funded international think-tank type stuff. But I prefer the more informal tests, like the "unexpected visitor survey", which just might be one of the best metrics of happiness there is.


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