Stoke for the Advendurist

  • Irish Eyes Were Smiling

    Actually it was more of a evil, hysterical laugh. For those of you who don't know, I'm in Ireland now and just completed my latest race (actually Bill was there last year. We're running this in celebration of the  2015 race starting today).

    Bill Wells
  • Lose Focus, Lose it All: Ice Cross Downhill

    Lips shivering, heels shaking, toes dug into the ice, waiting like purebreds for the gates to open. Four at a time fix their gaze on the twisting, turning, sheet of glass, that lies ahead, while thousands of cheering fans, wait to see who will cross the line first, or crash trying. Ice cross downhill is no place for those with doubts.

  • Brave or Stupid



    “Yoor very brave,” said the swimmer next to me in a heavy Russian accent.
    “Maybe” I replied. “Or very stupid.” “Vell yes, but I vas not gooing to say that,” he offered with a smile.

  • Dirtbag Ultra: Gear



    Personally, I've always had a bit of a twisted obsession with gear. In grade-school, it was pencils and stationary. I got new stuff every year and hoarded it. I borrowed pens and paper from classmates

  • Freeride These Top 10



    The European Alps and Dolomites contain HUGE amounts of incredible freeride terrain, and working out where to try for your next trip can be somewhat mind-boggling...

    Matt Clark
  • GoPro Gets a Light Buddy

    Let's face it, night shots with action cameras suck. For low lit situations to look good on camera you need a light. Not a LED and a handful of AA batteries, a headlamp, or your keychain light...

  • Sabaidee! Bike Touring Laos

    I didn't know it was possible to sweat this much. It's barely past 10 a.m. and my bike computer is saying it's 34 Celsius, I don't even want to know what the humid-ex is. Our elevation only goes up today, and my job is to just keep pedalling.

  • Arthur and ARWC Make the Rounds

    You've probably already met Arthur...


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