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  • Beyond Spec



    We like to define things, to give them purpose. Chairs are for sitting in, not standing on (you might fall off). Steak knives are for, well, cutting steak... not cutting kindling. In terms of outdoor gear this same principle holds true, but with the added element that the higher the price tag of the item the narrower it's purported scope of usefulness.

  • Storm Rips Through Tweed

    One, two, three.....four! They're together....another team of four women! I thought we had moved quickly through the opening trek portion, but not fast enough. "Go, go...go" I yip at my team. Race is on.

  • Oakley Takes it to the Track

    Horizontal and riding a fixie on a 42 degree angled wooden track, desperately trying to avoid looking like a swerving, oddly shaped bag of spandex, is not how I imagined trying out Oakley's new sunglasses. Usually company's just email a notice and then send product to test on our local trails. But that's not Oakley's style (#liveyours).

  • The Unexpected Visitor Test

    There are lots of metrics of happiness out there. Some are pretty academic--Harvard Medical School or well funded international think-tank type stuff. But I prefer the more informal tests, like the "unexpected visitor survey", which just might be one of the best metrics of happiness there is.

  • Trails That Aren't Really Trails: Hiking Asia

    At home in Canada we're always looking for a new trail to mountain bike, to trail run, or just to get out and explore nature. When we're adventure racing, the best part...

  • Wild Racers Goes Global

    The series that took the 2013 Adventure Racing World Series to epic heights of glorious HD is now available to everyone on the planet. Anyone can now relive every bead of sweat, every unbelievable landscape, and every monstrous route choice, the world over, with the world's best.

  • Erupting Mt. Villarrica Little Risk for Tierra Viva

    At 1 p.m. on April the 12th, Tierra Viva Expedition Adventure Race is due to get underway with a field of 22 teams including 4 of the top 20. Addidas Terrex, unfortunately, had to pull out due to injury

  • Quebec Native Provost Races with Odyssey/Optic Nerve Taking Second

    Alex Provost is no stranger to adventure racing. He has raced with some of the most experienced expedition racers in Canada, and against some of the most competitive teams in the US.


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