Stoke for the Advendurist

  • Questions for a 21st Century Dirtbag

    Meet Tom Grundy, a dirtbag. It might be more accurate to call him a recovering dirtbag since he now owns a place with 4 walls and a roof complete with kitchen, bathroom, and even a laundry.

  • Swimmers are my Underdogs

    I've always had a thing for underdogs. When I was growing up, I'd always root for the worst team in the league. When I found out that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had never been to a Super Bowl I professed my allegiance to them and cheered them on all through adolescence.

  • Normal Life. Ultra Run.

    Let's do this honestly. I was a great little runner in my teens and twenties. I could knock off a 35-minute 10k and run the next morning without pain, tightness or any other hindrance. That gradually changed

    Rodney Wilson
  • Froome Takes the Tour



    With a cumulative time of 89 hours, six minutes and 48 seconds over 21 lung-busting and quad-splitting stages, Team Sky's Chris Froome (GB) took his third victory at the Tour de France, in four years.

    BreatheMag Editors
  • Paddling in the Most Remote, and Largest Fjord in the World

    "So when are you going to get a real job?" I am sure that I am not alone in saying this, but I have been asked this question several times over the past few years.

    Steve Ruskay
  • Can Tecnu, wait AMK, wait, What?… Make it Four?

    For the past three years, Tecnu, has dominated the Cameco Cowboy Tough Expedition Race. And while this year, they will be looking to take home a fourth title, they will be facing some interesting competition: old Tecnu vs. new Tecnu.

  • Team Canada AR



    The world's best AR teams will race alongside a mix of novice and elite teams from around the world this November at the 2016 Adventure Racing World Series Championships; Shoalhaven, New South Wales Australia.

  • Canadian Olympic Rowing Team Announced

    The Canadian Olympic Rowing Team was announced this Tuesday, 26 athletes in all.The Canadian Olympic Rowing Team was announced this Tuesday, 26 athletes in all. 

    BreathemMag Editors


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