Stoke for the Advendurist

  • Camping with Little Ones

    I'm guessing I'm not alone in the feelings I had when my wife and I first found out we were pregnant. Even though we both wanted to have kids I knew life was about to change drastically. One of my biggest fears was that my time in the outdoors would be severely limited or not happen at all, but that has been far from the truth.

  • Ultra Profile: Josh Arthur

    "It wasn't so much of a surprise, I was fourth last year, but I was 30 minutes faster than last year's time." Josh Arthur was on to a second place win at Run Rabbit Run earlier in September. What was a surprise to him was that he did that while nursing a groin injury.

  • NAARS Championship



    So there are cougars out in North Dakota... that was all I cared about for days prior to our flight. So I read about how to fight them, I drew eyes on the back of my hat and helmet to prevent sneak attacks, and looked up pictures of cougar mauling's to prepare myself for how I would look when I got home to NJ... I'm an idiot.

  • Food Tips from an Ultra Dirtbag

    I came to Ultra after many years as a hardcore climber. It was during those formative years I learned the art of being a dirtbag--

  • Team Journey/Milt's Stop & Eat Wins Moab

    "The mistakes were mounting and starting to take their toll... Nevertheless, once we got on the bikes on golden spike and poison spider, we started catching many of the teams that we had earlier relinquished positions to." Mike Dawson of Team Journey/Milt's Stop & Eat was having an up and down race and it was only 8 hours in. Little did they know how the rest of the race would pan out.

  • Tecnu Takes USARA Nationals

    In adventure racing, a twenty minute spread may well be a head to head race. At the USARA National Championship Race this past weekend at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, that spread ended up being even smaller between the top three teams. Add the fact that after the second to last section, a huge cycling stage with multiple route choices, none of the teams knew for certain of their position, all elements were in play for an epic finish.

  • Adventure Science Team Members Rescued

    Three Adventure Science team members had to be rescued by the Malagasy Army following 24 hours without food or water.

  • This is How to Make an AR Video

    In the never ending struggle to promote the sport of Adventure Racing, the Cameco Cowboy Tough Adventure Race produced by REV3 Adventure seem to have nailed it... no doubt with some creative influence from the whisky...



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