Stoke for the Advendurist

  • One Cold, Wet, and Wicked BendAR

    After a challenging 30-hours in the wilderness of Bend, Oregon, teams emerged from the bush a little stronger, a lot colder, but all accounted for. And while not all benders involve beer... for the competitors of the BendAR, thankfully this one did.

  • In Search of the Grail of Trail

    The Otter African Trail Run - presented by Salomon and GU Energy – this year once again unfolded along the breath-taking trails of the Garden Route National Park. Jacques Marais followed the approximately 200 off-road runners onto this gruelling trail to capture these images.

    Jacques Marais
  • The DNF Lesson: What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You A Better Ultrarunner

    In March (2014), I DNFed the END-Sure 100k ultramarathon It was devastating. More devastating, perhaps, than a not life/living-threatening failure should be. But it shattered my confidence in myself as a runner, and as many runners (or cyclists, adventure racers, etc) will understand, this is a core part of my identity.

  • Drone Footage and User Generated Fines

    You know that incredible first person flight footage you see as establishing shots in adventure videos - the ones that take the viewer above the action, giving fantastic overviews and beautifully flowing footage? Well...

  • Crossing the Andes at Latitude 0°

    The strength of the wind, or HUAIRASINCHI, as adventure racers on the world circuit know it, is in its 12th edition. But this year, they will know it as something more: in Quito, Ecuador, HUAIRASINCHI is the 2014 Adventure Racing World Championship event.

  • The Art of Stealth Camping

    Stealth camping, wild camping, off-grid camping, free camping, it all comes down to the same thing: you camp somewhere for free, sometimes with permission, sometimes without.

  • The END of Badassedry



    I am going to make a prediction: mud running, along with all those other fabulous '5K races' themed races out there, are fads. In 10 years time, maybe 20, they will be a thing of the past.

  • How to do a Self-Supported TransAmerica Run

    Unlike 5ks, marathons and even ultramarathons, there are not many people who have successful completed a TransAmerican run (252 individuals, according to USA Crossers) so one could not just buy a book and follow a pre-set training plan to prepare for a cross-country run.


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