Stoke for the Advendurist

  • Photostory, Untamed New England 2014

    A photo story of the 2014 Untamed New England expedition adventure race - as told by the lens of Luis Moreira

  • Positive Thoughts



    Too many of us frame health and wellness around deprivation -- becoming healthier ends up being about the cake you CAN'T eat and the social activity (like drinking) you have to cut out. No wonder so many people don't stick with an exercise and healthy eating plan. Who wants to feel constrained as well as deprived of what they love?

  • Win Your Local Adventure Race

    I won't say I've won any big adventure races because I haven't. But I have spent lots of time watching and analyzing race strategies of the top teams at more competitive races. I even did a stint for a few years as a 'fourth' for team Yogaslackers, during a period when they were very hungry to figure out how to be one of the top U.S. teams (coincidentally they have now made it, but without me!).

  • Are You Cowboy Tough?



    A video recap of the 2014 Cowboy Tough Adventure Race:

  • This is Mental



    If he wanted to piss a few people off with his new book, I'm sure he did. For many, the idea of minimalist training for long distance events is crazy. But his intention was not to write a book that replaces training that works or highlight a shortcut to fitness. Andy Magness, has done what most of the working world dreams of...

  • Off-Grid Communication Without Off-Putting Fees

    As you travel deeper into the backcountry, you can't help but watch as the bars on your smartphone phone blink away to "No Service." For some, this is a huge source of anxiety. Safety in the outdoors includes communication. To abate that anxiety and fulfill the need for communication the modern adventurer has typically turned to the satellite phone or another satellite enabled unit. Now, a new product is set to change that.

  • Don't Run for Endurance, Endure to Run.

    Experience has taught me the wisdom of the words — don't just do cardio (such as running) to get in shape. Get in shape to run! In addition to helping you get in shape in the short-term, lifting weights will help to ensure that you will be able to do your favourite cardio actives, such as running, for the rest of your life!

  • Why Adventure Matters



    15 years ago I was obsessed with adventure. In fact, the third decade of my life was pretty much defined by it. I started out as a climber--questing all over the continent and occasionally beyond, for rock and ice and wild, vertiginous places.


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