Stoke for the Advendurist




Author : Michele Bogue Appelgate

Once they started, there was no stopping. Racers used only a map and their wits to get to the finish. 

The winning co-ed team was DART/Nuun/SportMulti, a world-class adventure racing team. Team members included Cyril Jay-Rayon of Los Angeles, CA; Meri Chandler of Lake Tahoe, Nevada; Jen Rinderle of Atlanta, GA and Matt Hayes of Seattle, WA with a winning time of 21:49.

Cash was awarded to the top three teams: 

1st Place ($1000) Team DART/Nuun/SportMulti 21:49 
2nd Place ($700)  YogaSlackers 23:48
3rd Place ($300)  True Grit 24:21

Teams trickled in from there, with the last team finishing at 2:00 p.m. There were 13 teams entered, with five teams not completing the race. 

This wild adventure included ocean and lake paddling, mountain biking and trekking through creeks and open fields. 

Kristin McNamara, of event organizer ALL OUT EVENTS, said there were a few surprises in this year's race. 

"We had one team get held up at gun point and accused of breaking into a person's house and demanding their map," she said. "The team, Feed the Machine, somehow got out of that okay."

There were lots of mountain lion and bear sightings in a quiet little canyon that everyone passed through at night, too. "On the kayak, a couple of teams saw a blue whale under them," McNamara said. 

There were two solo teams, both San Luis Obispo locals. Ryan Tarver (Hopes and Dreams) kept up with DART/Nuun, through the first three stages and then bowed out. It was an impressive showing that really motivated them. Everyone was safe, happy and excited, reporting that this race was world class. Team Hilarious members said the mountain bike course was the second-best they'd ever done. They're from Canada but travel around the world. 

"I've put on adventure races before, but never any so long," McNamara said. "It really gave me a better perspective about what people get out of these races, the sheer epic factor you don't normally get when you work behind a desk 40-plus hours a week." 
Race director, Yishai Horowitz, celebrated a birthday during the race and said, "The idea behind our races is to give people an epic tour of the best the area has to offer." 

Top adventure racers were competing along with desk jockeys and they all got along fabulously, no matter the skill level. "They were in it for the same thing: fun and adventure," McNamara said. 

"I was just so excited to give people this experience in a condensed amount of time," McNamara said. "I've lived here for 10 years and it took a long time to find the really good stuff. They get to see it in 24 hours. That's what adventure racing is about."


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