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Grand 2 Grand Ultra

15Oct/12 09:46Off

G2G Revelations -The Camps

IMG_5178The camps at Grand 2 Grand were on par with the scenery.

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G2G Revelations – The Scenery

CoyotetraxSome G2G scenery.

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The Final Results

Oh yeah…the final results.

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Stage 6 / Finish Photos

A few photos from the spectacular finish area.

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The Racers – VII

Ironically, this needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

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Stage 5 Photos


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Nutrition of a Winner

Rocket fuel?

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Stage 5 – Yup, it’s a Star

Stage 5: a big move and a new star.

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Stage 4 Photos

TheyreOffSome stage 4 photos.

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Stage 4 – a Star is Born(?)

Same guys up front. It was the Salvador and Stefano show again today, as they once more finished together at the front of the pack. Davide almost hung with them the whole way, getting dropped by just over 1 minute when the dust had settled. Veteran Jo Petersen maintained his strong pace, coming in 5th [...]

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