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Rainforest Expedition Run

19Feb/13 12:22Off

Final Results Posted

Rainforest Expedition Run final results are posted for those that are interested.

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Stage 6 Photos

A few photos from stage six:

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TCC 2013 Final Results

Final results for TCC 2013, Rainforest Run.

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Stage 5 Top Three Update

Stage 5 ended with Ismael Dris out front and David James only 1 minute behind. For the women It was Gemma Slaughter who took a sizable lead on second place Irene Hale.

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Stage 4 Photos

A few photos from the stage.

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Top Three – Stage 4 Results

This is what we have so far from yesterdays stage:

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Position Updates

Position Updates thus far.

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Pete’s Last Post

I turned the Mac on yesterday after the stage and midway through the startup it just died. I haven´t been able to turn it on since. I´m in an internet cafe in Dominical right now and I don´t think I´ll have access to a connection again until the end of the race.

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5Feb/13 23:52Off

A Few While We Wait

A few photos while we wait for updates.

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5Feb/13 23:32Off

New Faces in the Top Ten

In the 3rd stage of the Coastal Challenge we saw new faces in the top positions. Such was the case for Benjamin Aronson who remained among the Top 10 for most of this stage, the longest of the six stages. Aronson showed physical and mental strength, as well as his characteristic smile and good vibes.

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