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Stage 4 – a Star is Born(?)

Same guys up front.

It was the Salvador and Stefano show again today, as they once more finished together at the front of the pack. Davide almost hung with them the whole way, getting dropped by just over 1 minute when the dust had settled. Veteran Jo Petersen maintained his strong pace, coming in 5th overall just behind rookie John Zahab, who had a very good day to come home in 4th place.

Same girls up front.


Christina finishing 4th woman









Carolyn turned the tables on Sharon, but only managed to recoup 4 minutes from the current women's leader. Heather and Sarah were next, with a new face in the top 4 squeezing between them in the shape of Christina Dotson. Oh, and then there was Miranda Jamieson.

Coming from a triathlon/marathon background, she's a runner, not a hiker. After 3 days of trekking and jogging her heels were giving her a lot of pain, so she and her running buddy Jerry decided to run stage 4. In the process, they discovered they were strong. Really strong. They finished (together) 6th overall on the stage, and Miranda was the first woman across the line.
Coming from Florida, they had lots of opportunities to train in the sand, but virtually no hills. The vertical component of their race preparation involved running up and down some stairs or, for some variety, an old landfill pile.

The next 2 days will tell if this was a flash in the pan or the birth of a new ultra star.

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