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The Racers I

I'll be introducing some of the racers I meet, a couple per day, as the race progresses. Here's the 1st installment.

The youngest racer is 30 years old. That's Stephanie Case, who also happens to be the racer who had the least desirable commute to get here. Three days ago she got up at 0700 and went to work, and from there straight to the airport in Kuwait. Flight to Dubai. Flight to London. Flight to Dallas. Flight to Vegas. Shuttle to Kanab. Total flight time of 36 hours. Total travel time of 48 hours. Total time slept: 1 hour.

Stephanie Case, the "baby" of the field

She has the pedigree and results to be considered the favourite in the women's field, but for one x-factor: Stuart Blieshke. That's her boyfriend from Sydney, Australia. They met at a stage race and have hardly had a chance to spend time together since. This will be their "vacation". As such, their stated goal is to enjoy themselves. If that means going at a slower pace, then that's what they'll do and the heck with winning the race.

Ahhh, young love.




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  1. Love reading your blog about Grand 2 Grand and hope for more coverage on the racers and how they are doing. I’d love to hear about my brother, Jared Knapp! Hope everyone’s spirits are still high. Let him know we are rooting for him!

  2. Thanks Sara, I’ll ask Pete if he can find out how he’s doing.

  3. Hi Sara – I’ll check on Jared for you. They’re out on the long stage right now, so he might not be in until tomorrow.

  4. Just saw that our local runner, Brad Youngblood, is out of the race, along with a lot of others. He has a lot of local friends here in Thousand Oaks and we would love to hear that everyone’s OK. The official website hasn’t been updated since Sunday. If you can find him, please let him know we’re thinking of him and hope all is well.

    It was great to find this blog where we can get news to and from this remote location. Thanks for making the effort to find a signal.


  5. Bonnie – Brad DNF-ed in Stage 2 after completing Stage 1 the day before in 9:37. It may have been a simple case of him being tired and sore and not moving fast enough to make some of the early cutoffs on the long stage. I will try to find out which runners are out and gone home, which ones are out but staying on to volunteer, and which ones are out but continuing on to enjoy the course as an unranked racer.

    I do know from speaking with the medics that there have been no serious medical problems.


  6. Pete,
    On behalf of all of Brad’s friends in thousand Oak, thanks for the reassuring report of no serious medical issues. We’ll wait to hear the whole story from Brad when he returns. I hope that you’re enjoying this amazing venue.


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