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The Racers – VI


Salvador (he only needs one name)

Salvador Calvo Redondo, the 50-year old master ultra runner from Spain, is the odds-on favourite in this race.

The mountain goat from Spain has been doing these types of races for about 30 years, since before they even existed. Yup – he'd go out on his own and, for example, see how long it would take him to run across Romania, or something like that. He does it mostly because he enjoys doing it rather than for the competition. But make no mistake: he will almost always be at the top of the field when all is said and done.

A member of the Salomon Mountain Running Team and one of the best and most experienced ultra runners on Earth, he's also very Yoda-esque in his approach. Here it is, in his own words:

"I'm attracted to races that involve strength and suffering. If suffering wasn't part of them, who would bother to address challenges such as an ultra race, with the investment of time and effort that lead up to it? And sometimes, if all goes well, we learn that what gives quality to life aren't things that are fixed and immobile, such as the results, numbers or rankings, but rather what is intangible, when all your thoughts break their bonds, your mind exceeds the limits, your consciousness expands in every direction and you see a wonderful new world."

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