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Breathe Magazine’s® Adventure Sports Network Feed Reader

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Breathe ASN App

Stay on top of the adventure sport world with Breathe Magazine’s® Adventure Sports Network Feed Reader for the iPhone® and BlackBerry® smartphones. This free application will keep you connected with adventure sport news and up-to-the-minute details from adventure sports events covered by Breathe Magazine. Simply add feeds from events that you want to follow as they are published to your handheld and never miss any gritty detail!

How to use Breathe Magazine’s® Adventure Sports Network Feed Reader:

1.       Download the app that works with your mobile device.

iPhone (or search in the iTunes App Store)

Blackberry (or search in Blackberry App World)

2.     Breathe will publish coverage schedules to the website and your mobile device for events as they arise.

3.       Each event to be covered will have a unique Feed URL

4.       To add a Feed URL to your application:

a. Open App

b. Select: Add a Feed

c. Add A Title for the Event

d. Add the Feed URL

e. Start receiving live updates for the event directly to your mobile device,  participate in the contest and get social. 

This is application was designed to be an event feed reader. Notifications will be pushed out to your handheld, notifying you of an event Breathe Magazine will be covering. To follow along just add the feed by following the on screen instructions!

This application will access the internet to provide updates. Network charges may apply. 


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