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Get Verified

Author : BreatheMag

The internet is rife with misinformation; Breathe Magazine will now verify personal profile information at the request of the profile owner.

How to Get Verified:

1.       Register for or log in to your profile at

2.       Add an event to your timeline

3.       Select: "Get Verified" from the pull down – for the event that you just created

4.       Wait for verification!

5.       Once verified, the entry is locked and cannot be edited

What is the verification procedure?

1.       For competitive events – Breathe Magazine will verify results using one of: race website, timing website, race director email (in that order)

2.       For expeditions entered – All three items below must be submitted (we will sned you an email requesting these)

i.      Digital/Electronic Verification (GPS file, etc...)

ii.      Photo – taken during event in question with identifiable feature

iii.      Note from witness (race partner)

Expected Verification Times:

Event ( 1 week), Expedition (1 week following submission).


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