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Failure, A Truer Appreciation

Do Your Research
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I love planning. I can, without hesitation, plan out my next month over the course of a few hours, adding to-do lists, things-to-do-later lists, schedules, ideas, scribbles, whatever. Of course contingency plans are drawn up so that when all the initial planning goes to shit, plan B rolls into action. But all this planning and meticulous detailing is lost if the plans aren't acted upon. This is where the snag is. You can lose yourself in the finer details. What looks on paper to be a masterpiece is in reality just that, a masterpiece on paper.

If there was a market for life plan "artwork" I would be a rich man.

So in an effort to avoid falling into a perpetual planning loop I have trained myself to ask one question, each morning, after the morning coffee: "what am I going to do today?"

In Will Laughlin and Ray Zahab's case, to "do" was to run through one of the most inhospitable places on earth – an expedition run through Death Valley.

Being able to successfully take on one of the world’s most anticipated ultras also necessitates a good amount of smart planning and timely execution, or "doing". After doing the Courmayer-Champex-Chamonix, ultra runner Adam Campbell retells his plan and execution.

Of course there are also ill-received plans and executed plans that result in failure and we explore those as well.

Regardless of the outcome, reading and hearing about other adventurist's plans and how they were executed is inspirational and engaging. In doing so you uncover what does and does not work and begin to postulate what may or may not work for your own adventures. It entices you to open up your notebook and scratch in a few changes, suggestions, new angles not originally looked at. It promotes creativity and fluidity, helps you focus and of course, plan.

It’s funny; part of the answer to the earlier question always seems to be "…planning my next adventure."

All the best with your next one,

Joel Perrella




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