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Beards of Endurance

Written by : Joel Perrella

Many an endurance athlete have sported the beard, yet for some the facial real estate is occupied only for a fleeting moment. Few last only as long as the expedition from which they were conceived, some last a little longer, and others have been immortalized by the photograph. Those bold enough to share them with us have now garnered names for their facial fixings that help us to distinguish the Beards of Endurance. What's your style?

The Beards of Endurance.

The Krar

Projecting with force and flow. The Krar, named after its father and ultra runner, Rob Krar, stylishly presents its wearer as fashionably wise and incredibly fast. Those that choose to sport The Krar must be willing to seek out adventure and dedicate their likeness to the betterment of the ultrarunning image. Be warned though, two Krars at one event has not yet been tested, and may in fact prove too explosively competitive, somehow dominating the top one, two and three positions.

The Robbins

This bush of facial mastery actually gets more lively with adventure, demonstrating that it does in fact have its own personality. The Robbins, proudly presents its Scottish roots through its reds and auburns, gleaning its name from Gary Robbins, the ultrarunner/adventure athlete who makes his home in B.C. Although The Robbins is not for everyone, those that are fortunate enough to sport this look, unknowingly boost the adventure-fun-factor of those within its general vicinity.

The Donato

Groomed and ready to go, yet seemingly juxtaposed to the lifestyle of the adventure athlete, The Donato takes its name from Simon Donato, co-star of the show Boundless. This "all business" beard has hidden, adventure empowering fullness and acumen that is as strong as its style and purpose.

The Gregoretti

Command of the face, with love and embrace. The Gregoretti romanticizes the union of adventure and european lifestyle. It is born of the same Stefano Gregoretti, the Italian ultra racing deity (see V6I4 of Breathe Magazine) and I2P ambassador. To effectively sport The Gregoretti one must also have an aptitude for sculpting the body through routines of punishing, yet passionate exercise. To put it mildly, this one only works with chiseled abs, and pecks that you could rest a single malt scotch on, while running.

The Probst

A thick reddish covering with sun bleached highlights that provide warmth from the crisp mountain air, while charging trail via bike or foot. The Probst takes its name from Daniel Probst, an ultrarunner that calls Washington state home. The Probst, gives its wearer that sought after outdoorsy image, but it comes with great responsibility: its wearer is expected to be steward to the environment and a proponent of the ultra lifestyle.

The Kilham

Classic Kiwi facial bristles. This style of beard works only with a full flowing New Zealand moustache, and works even better with fluorescent zinc. The Kilham is named after its father Rohan Kilham, an adventure athlete and outdoor aficionado who calls the New Zealand outdoors his playground. Those that choose to grow the Kilham must stay true to its roots and seek adventure wherever and whenever possible.

The Turbo

Falling just outside the realm of "beard," the Turbo is like a booster pack for your chin. This ballsy chin adornment takes its name from its father Paul "Turbo" Trebilcock, co-star of Simon Donato of the Show Boundless. For this to work it is required that tufts of gray-white follicles blast downward from the lower lip area and streams of positive, adventure empowering personality, roll off the tongue.

These are only a few of the Beards of Endurance. Many more are out there, adventuring in the backwoods, collecting morsels of food and good times. If you know of others that need mention please let us know on in a comment below, on our Facebook page, or tweet to @BreatheMag #BeardsofEndurance

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