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Secret Styles of the Adventure Racer: The Everything Minimalist

Written by : Angel Garbarino

Adventure Racers are an unique breed, we have a distinct sense of style. It becomes obvious that no matter the angle, position, activity, or photo quality, it's hard not to look like a dork when dressed for an adventure race.

Adventure Racers are the everything minimalist. They have to be prepared for all conditions in the gnarliest terrain, yet travel fast and efficient. Speed and preparedness is a fine balance. The stick figure illustration is already cluttered, but realistically only represents a small amount of the gear adventure racers carry.

2013-01-27 garbarino styles

Please feel free to expand on my comments, note gear I missed, and add other blurbs about the ever-dorky AR style. Even better, if you have learned how to add suave to the sport, enlighten us!

  • geoff_10
    You forgot those arm sleeve things.
  • geoff_10
    Oh, and gold teeth fo yo grill!
  • jkells
    Tights, ripped tights.
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