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Gain Some Space Backpacking

Author : BreatheMag Editors

You learn a lot when backpacking distances. The two most prominent: how to pack efficiently, and the value of proper nutrition. Two non-mutually exclusive points, that, if not learned with expedience, will cut short days on the trail.

An accountant come Appalachian Trail-Thru Hiker, Chris Cage, made this realization, and decided to act on it. The result: Meal2Go by Greenbelly - A 100% all-natural meal for the trail that provides 1/3 of the required daily nutritional intake (based on a 2000 calorie diet). The three flavours available will go down easy for almost any adventurer, taking care of point number two (nutrition), while the small re-sealable package takes care of point number one; leaving room for point number three (no this wasn’t mentioned earlier) – socks – pack a few more than you think you need.

Greenbelly Meal2Go

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