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Julbo AERO

Author : BreatheMag Editors

Great sunglasses need to be functional, look good, and stay on your face, all the while not feeling like they're on your face. The Julbo Aero hit those four qualities on the button.

One functional aspect that stood out: the lenses – the Zebra photochromic, anti fog, yellow tinted lenses – are the real deal. The photochromic properties mean that you don't need to swap out lenses for differing light conditions, and the anti fog, in conjunction with the full and front venting means that your hot, damp, nose exhaust wont impede your vision while you're ripping on your favourite trail.

Now, sometimes, blathering on about product specs is warranted, but on occasion the need arises to express the uniqueness of the product in some other way. For the Julbo Aero it was the fusion of large visuals and sounds to bring about the feeling while wearing and riding.

Enjoy the eye candy.

Julbo AERO

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