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Angel Garbarino

Member since February 14, 2011

CA, United States

I had done my time: finished my Master’s Degree; gone through the internships; and published my thesis. It was June of 2008 and I had landed an office job in the heart of SF’s financial district. So only a year and a half later, when in the midst of an economic downturn, I couldn’t blame my colleagues for not understanding why I quit. My explanation: I wanted to ride my bike more. When I came to California my concept of biking was quite limited. I had what I thought was a quality bike, a Wal-Mart Schwin with front suspension. Then I went on my first group mountain bike ride. I was both unprepared for how much fun I would have and how much biking would change my life. Then came racing, and it got worse. I started with a cross country race and in less than 9 months I was racing in New Hampshire in a three day expedition race. After leaving the office life, I landed a bartending gig in Marin, CA. At this time, I was also in contact with Todd Jackson of Big Blue Adventure. I had raced and volunteered in numerous Big Blue Adventure races. As the winter progressed, I began working for Todd behind the scenes, and by the time April rolled around, I had become an established presence on the Big Blue Adventure team. I would love to say I ride my bike for hours every day, but reality always has a way of making you busier than you plan. However, I will never take for granted the flexibility my job allows me, that my boss encourages me to ride before I sit down in front of the computer, and I get to be a part of putting together other peoples’ own adventures.

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