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Live Coverage of Grand 2 Grand Ultra

Author : BreatheMag

Well, as live as you can get when your being shuttled from point to point to pick up a reliable cellular signal. Our intrepid journalist Peter Dobos has already begun his adventure to bring you the adventure that is the Grand 2 Grand Ultra. The Grand 2 Grand Ultra is the first and olny self-supported stage footrace in North America. Follow along to see how the adventure unfolds:

Grand 2 Grand Ultra Live Coverage from Breathe Magazine.

  • scooty
    Love it! Thanks for the coverage!
  • jen-runs
    What stage are they at now?
  • Joel_Perrella
    I believe they are currently on the long stage (3) - 76kms. From what I have read from Pete's coverage ( I believe they are expected to finish the third stage tomorrow.
  • sarahw
    Thanks for the updates! Will there be an overall summary post?
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