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Winter Triathlon at Saint-Donat

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Endurance athlete Jean-Thomas Boily, the Canadian Paralympic cross-country skier who won several Cross-Country World Cup medals, will take part in Saint-Donat’s winter triathlon. The event, put on by Endurance Aventure this February 16, is the first edition of its kind in the area, drawing local athletes from Quebec and as far as France.

Boily will use an adapted mountain bike for the running section and a special luge for the ski and skating sections of the race.

"It is with great pleasure that I accept this challenge proposed by the Endurance Aventure team. Since my last official competition dates back to the Turin Winter Olympics, this will represent an excellent opportunity to test my physical condition and enjoy a magnificent course,"says Jean-Thomas Boily.

Two types of races will be taking part simultaneously on the Saint-Donat courses: a winter

triathlon (running, cross-country skiing, ice skating) and 5 km and 10 km running event.

The courses border Lake Archambault in the Parc des Pionniers and explore municipal cross country ski trails. The ice skating section will lead participants over the Parc des Pionniers’ ice path.

For some time Saint-Donat has been regarded as a true winter wonderland for winter sports enthusiasts. With its cross country ski trails, ice paths, and Lake Archambault, Saint-Donat has all the elements required to create an impressive triathlon course.

The winter triathlon will be presented as part of the Saint-Donat Winter Festival. Prizes and awards totalling $5000 will be awaiting the intrepid racers signed up for the event.

There will also be a youth challenge that will be part of the festival taking place on Friday, February 15th. 400 students from kindergarten to secondary school will take part in an outdoor multisport challenge on the winter triathlon site.

To learn more about the event visit the event website:

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