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Written by : Joel Perrella

If you want something to talk about around the water cooler and rack up stoke points with your buds, tune in to watch Primal Quest (PQ), from August 19th to the 28th.

The return of the PQ expedition race will take co-ed teams of four through 450+ miles of biking, trekking, paddling and climbing around what the Washoe Indians considered 'the jewel of the Sierra'.

Like many of the big events, this year's PQ, in Lake Tahoe, will be providing live tracking of competitors, where the dot savvy watchers of Adventure and Expedition Racing community will be able to get their fix, yelling at their screens, desperately hoping to enable teams to make the right route choices.

New this year will be coverage from Outside Television, bringing this gigantic expedition race to millions of homes.

"We partnered with Primal Quest because it perfectly exemplifies Outside Television's spirit of adventure and endurance, and we can't wait to bring our viewers a compelling glimpse into one of the most difficult athletic competitions in the world," mentioned Rob Faris, SVP of Programming & Production for Outside Television, in a press release earlier this week. "We look forward to bringing the exciting sport of adventure racing into millions of homes and creating a new generation of Primal Quest fans."

Getting a push from fellow teammate at Primal Quest.

New generations of PQ fans is not only important for the race organization itself and invested parties like Outside Television, but important to the adventure racing community as a whole, who have struggled in connecting with younger generations.

"Sharing inspiration is very important to Primal Quest and clearly will take some time with multiple methods of approach," says Maria Burton, CEO and race director. "We are working with specific social media and broadband distribution as this type of media consumption is directly relevant to today's youth. We are very excited about our custom Facebook App that we have developed and will unveil at this year's event."

Watching this year's event will not only be made more relevant for today's youth, but will also involve the younger generations as they challenge this year's course. "We celebrate Primal Quest veteran racers - specifically Sarah and Richard Bertasi - Team Too Much Fun Club -  who are racing with their [19 year old] son," says Burton.

"We can't overestimate the power that we all have as adventure racers and the role and responsibility we play as advocates for the sport. To directly pass this on and to share with your family is very special and important for the seeding the next generation."

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