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Modern Day Mob Boss in Yellow?

Written by : Angel Garbarino

Modern Day Mob Boss in Yellow?Mob bosses tend to be characters of the past, eliciting images of power, fear, and ferocity. Famous names such as Capone and Gotti, who in their heyday were feared men, are today only characters for sitcoms and Hollywood.

It seems however that a modern day mob boss lives among us. Reviving some of the tactics once used by the great underground bullies. Adding a contemporary twist, this mob boss controlled an unassuming industry, and instead of staying clothed in mystery, he became a worldwide celebrity. The allegations about how this mob boss turned press into puppets and peers into cronies, is extensive and disheartening. Even more discouraging is that many of us during this time idolized and praised him for his supernatural achievements. Successfully blacklisting major press networks to controlling regulators, this man was vigorously charming. He sold motivational books, was the name behind a huge charity organization, and was lauded as America’s wonder story. His own words inciting bravery and fortitude: “Pain is temporary. Quitting last forever.”  In a saddening irony, we would learn how true he meant these words to be.

Throughout his reign, allegations against him would occasionally surface. He fought hard, with lots of money, power and downright fierceness.   For years, he stayed atop of the accusations, maintaining his god-like status. But it was only a matter of time. The organizations, puppets and cronies he once controlled, started to fight back, many putting everything out on the line, fighting to retell the history he created. Together theses stories started to make sense. Books and legal pursuits came in troves, exposing an industry that many are still grasping to understand.

In what seems like an odd twist, the mob boss who has remained quiet during his defeat, has stated he will be making a public appearance with what seems to be a very random, or more likely, a cleverly chosen host. Lance Armstrong may not have roots like the original mobsters or know the first thing about swinging a bat, but he has in my opinion operated one of the most influential mob rings of recent history.

So stay tuned, as his interview with Oprah Winfrey will air this Thursday, January 17th. Oprah is a very talented interviewer, famous for getting people to spill their deepest emotional secrets. Can Lance win over Oprah? And what the hell is his motivation? Will, after all these years of being fooled and bullied by Lance; are we going to be sucked in again?

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