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Favourite, Snowy, Race Quotes!

Author : BreatheMag

In the field we hear quite a few quotes from endurance racers in various states of exhaustion, one in particular came at the top of some unnamed snowy peak during a SkiMo race: "If it ain't hard, it ain't worth doin'… and if you ain't doin' you ain't as hard as me…" Yeah, we weren't quite sure what the hell that meant either.

Or, at another event: "Did you see a pair of skis on your way up? I think I dropped them." Two things were wrong with that statement: he was asking the photographer that made it up to the peak before him, second… he was in a snowshoe race.

Post your favourite "snowy" race or training quotes in a comment below. The most likes for your quote will win a free entry to Endurance Aventure, Snow Trail on January 26, 2013 (you can give a comment a "thumbs up! (like)" if logged in).

Endurance Aventure, Snow Trail - Reach the summit of Mont Orford in Quebec with crampons, snowshoes, or skis and climbing skins then ski down… at night.

Winner will be notified by email on January 20th. **in the event of a tie, winner will be chosen randomly.

Endurance Aventure Winter Trail

  • kiskiw
    I have two that make me laugh all the time. One is "if the bone ain't show'in, keep on goin'" the other was from a weight lifter who use to tell me when I was doubled over and ready to puke after a hard series of reps...."if you win!"
  • trailrunner40  - A Little Philosophy
    If your alone in the Alaska wilderness in the middle of winter & at night during a hard ass race can anyone hear you swearing?

    That was me during Iditasport. No one heard me swearing that night, not even God! LOL
  • Coralee33  - Did you hear that?
    About 10 minutes earlier I had passed a tall burly, mountain type, male runner on a somewhat snowing mountain slope(during a race).

    We'd been going uphill for sometime and I suddenly let out a HUGE burp. Being a smaller framed 5'2 female,I shocked even myself!

    I looked down the mountain and could vaguely make out his shape. I'd hope he didn't hear it,I mean that burp was epic!

    The next day, I ran into him at the event breakfast, so I had to ask.

    I said; "Hey, How was your race?" and slowly I ask.." Uh, Did you hear that huge burp I let out?"

    He just looked at me, eyes wide, deadpan face and said;

    "No, why...did you hear me crying?"
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