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  • AR Worlds - A Race Against Countries

    Comment on : September 05, 2013

    I agree Alex, I think they would need to allow more than one team from one country to start (and cap it), at least for the first few iterations. But then it would also need to be equal, no?
  • AR Worlds - A Race Against Countries

    Comment on : September 06, 2013

    So this idea, the letter that Nathan Fa\'avae (captain of Adventure Racing World Champions, team Seagate) sent us, is something we\'ve been thinking about for a while, but the idea needed to come from someone else. In actuality, as a media entity, the idea scared the hell out of us. One world championship race, each year, for your country. Right now, a world series exists, but does not host national teams, but rather teams that fly a corporate flag. So the concept of change sounds simple and makes sense: change the entry criteria and the sport will grow with the voices of a nation behind each team, rather than just the voices of the AR community and close neighbours. So why now? I encourage you to read the letter above. But as Mr. Fa\'avae puts it “People don’t leap out of the seats cheering for a corporate like they do for their country.” Why does it scare the hell out of us? Because competition for media will increase, and typically in the media world whomever is holding the bigger stick wins. But hell, for eight years we\'ve blazed our own trail, and we\'ll continue to do so. We have a dedicated group and a dedicated and passionate audience. We are now asking for your input. Add your comments to this letter below, so we can package it up and send it to the Adventure Racing World Series. Please also add your country of residence to your comment.
  • Update

    An update on Moro and Ueli\'s progress:
  • Joshua Easy, Paul "Turbo" Trebilcock and Simon Donato at the Toronto Premiere showing of Boundless at the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto. Photo: Luis Moreira.

    Boundlessly Charging Forward in Hopes of Two

    Comment on : April 11, 2013

    Just heard seaon two has a green light - congrats guys!
  • Grand 2 Grand Ultra Live Coverage from Breathe Magazine.

    Live Coverage of Grand 2 Grand Ultra

    Comment on : September 25, 2012

    I believe they are currently on the long stage (3) - 76kms. From what I have read from Pete\'s coverage ( I believe they are expected to finish the third stage tomorrow.
  • The Beauty of the Irrational

    The Beauty of the Irrational

    Comment on : September 05, 2012

    From Ryan\'s Blog: \"The record for the 84km trail run – set in one of the harshest climates and terrains – was originally set on the 13th of July 1990 by South Africans Ronnie Muhl and Bruce Matthews – both seasoned Comrades runners – in a time of 11hrs 42min. It was then beaten by 3 Namibian locals Russell Paschke, Charlie du Toit and Coenraad Pool on the 16th of August 2003 in a time of 10hrs 54min.\" -
  • Point 5 - so true...

    Yup, full length tights have their merits. Thank you Grant (of Untamed NE) for the last bonus checkpoint during the 2009 UNE: Cleverly buried inside a stand of thorn bushes for elated, almost-finishers, to excitedly run right through...with bike shorts.



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