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Erica Tingey

Member since September 19, 2012

UT, United States

[BreatheMag written Bio, September 19, 2012] After her very first race Erica knew she was going to become a pro, thus leading to a very serious conversation with her husband and brother-in-law where she made some bold statements about her intentions. She immediately started changing the way she ate and started training with a coach. 2012 Utah State Champion, Erica Tingey, has been riding a mountain bike since age 14. Racing her first official race back in March of 2010, she won the Sport Category by 8 minutes. From there she moved on to the Expert category for a few races and, after winning those as well, she went on to race in the Pro category and received her UCI pro license by winning the first Pro XCT race of the year in 2011 in the Cat 1 field.

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